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Adventure Time S05E11 - Little Bad Boy :£


When a friend calls me their best friend for the first time

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You go to school and there’s a rumor spread around about you

you don’t even know what it’s about, all you know is it can’t be good

then you find out that they’re calling you lesbian and that you’ve been putting your hand up girls skirts and feeling them

you know this isn’t true but nobody listen to you your side of the story doesn’t matter

your friends aren’t your friends….your so called friends made this rumor and laugh at you with everyone else

The glares you receive if you aren’t human

everyone’s eyes focused on you. 

suddenly your sick and alone.. school doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter that you’re skipping class right now.

The problem follows you home

you can’t escape as if you’re trapped in an invisible box

The rumors grow and grow and you are seen less and less

you sit alone 

you are alone

nothing matters anymore. 

you’re dead inside, you’re a weirdo, lesbian, tomboy, freak show, stupid, ugly, chubby. 

then you don’t show up at all

you wonder if they miss you

but they reassure you they don’t

Teen society is cruel.

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